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About the College-Level Examination Program

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers an alternative to Advanced Placement (AP) Courses in the form of exams. CLEP exams can also allow students to test out of some introductory college courses without the courses that usually accompany AP exams. Learn more about the CLEP and related exams on the Official College Board CLEP Page.

CLEP Exam Format & Scoring

CLEP exams can take between 90-120 minutes to complete, and are scored immediately after they are completed. Scores are bound to a scale that ranges from 20-80, and colleges will typically grant credit for scores exceeding 50. Some CLEP exams are composed entirely of multiple-choice questions; exams that may have written components are graded by two or more college professors. Learn more about CLEP exam formats and scoring on the CLEP Exam Scoring and CLEP Exam Topics pages.

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