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About the Exams

The Cooperative Admissions Program (COOP) and TACHS exams are entrance exams that are commonly involved in the process of applying to Catholic schools. As of Fall 2017, the Cooperative Admissions Program uses the HSPT exam for admissions.

About the COOP

The Cooperative Admissions Program (COOP) assists 8th grade students and families seeking admission to Catholic high schools. The COOP exam provides objective information about 8th grade students applying to the high school. In addition to the student’s admission exam results, high schools use the students’ grades from 6th, 7th and 8th grade, along with previous standardized testing results to make admissions decisions for high school admissions. The COOP has used the HSPT exam for all admissions exams since Fall 2017.

About the TACHS

The TACHS is an exam used during the admission process for Catholic high schools in the New York City area. Learn more about the TACHS on The Official TACHS Site.

TACHS Format

The TACHS is composed of multiple exams, which cover reading, written expression, mathematics, and ability separately. The reading exam evaluates the factual, interpretive, and evaluative comprehension of students. Students may be required to identify the main idea or purpose of a passage, determine the meaning of a word in context, or answer other similar questions. The written expression exam emphasizes expression using Standard English, addressing the organization, sentence structure, clarity, and efficacy of written expression. The mathematics exam focuses on number sense and operations, algebraic patterns and connections, data analysis (including probability and statistics), geometry, and measurement. The ability exam measures students’ reasoning abilities, assessing their management of spatial and figural content.

TACHS Format
Reading50 Multi-Choice Questions + 7-8 Passages75 Minutes
Writing Part 150 Multi-Choice Questions55 Minutes
Writing Part 21 Text-Based Prompt50 Minutes
Mathematics Part 140 Multi-Choice Questions55 Minutes
Mathematics Part 212 Gridded-Response Questions50 Minutes
Science47 Multi-Choice Questions + 8 Stimuli75 Minutes
Social Studies47 Multi-Choice Questions + 8 Stimuli75 Minutes

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