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GRE Exam

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About the GRE

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a widely used exam for graduate school admissions, including business and law schools. Apart from the GRE General Test, there are multiple GRE Subject Tests that are specialized for prospective graduate students with majors in certain fields. Learn more about the GRE and its variants on the Official GRE Site.

GRE Exam Format

The GRE General Test is available in at-home and test center formats, but GRE Subject Tests are only available at testing centers. GRE General Tests may include modified variants of already published questions with appropriately adjusted answers. The format of each subject test varies according to the area of study it relates to.

GRE General Test Format
Analytical Writing2 Analysis Tasks (Issue and Argument)30 minutes/task
Verbal ReasoningTwo 20 Question Sections30 minutes/section
Quantitative ReasoningTwo 20 Question Sections35 minutes/section
Total160 Questions + 2 Tasks3 Hours 10 Minutes

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