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About the HSPT

The High School Placement Test (HSPT) published by Scholastic Testing Services (STS) has been used extensively throughout the United States for high school admissions for more than fifty years. The exam measures students’ verbal, quantitative, reading, mathematics, and language skills. Additional information about the HSPT is available on the Official STS Site.

HSPT Format

The HSPT is offered in three formats. The Closed HSPT is a secure version of the exam based on certain items that have been studied for their effectiveness. The Open HSPT is available for school purchase and local scoring. The Pre-HSPT is a variant of the Closed HSPT that is available to prepare students who will be taking the HSPT in the future. Learn more about the available HSPT formats on The Official HSPT Site.

HSPT Format
Verbal60 Questions16 Minutes
Quantitative52 Questions30 Minutes
Reading62 Questions25 Minutes
Mathematics64 Questions45 Minutes
Language60 Questions25 Minutes
Total298 Questions2 Hours 21 Minutes

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