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Test Preparation Services

Official Exams
Ivy League Graduate Tutors uses official exams as its primary resource for students studying the ISEE and/or SSAT for private school admissions, SAT and/or ACT for undergraduate admissions, and GRE, GMAT, and MCAT exams for graduate school admissions.
Individualized Approach
We create an individualized study plan to help students achieve target scores. Our students are taught strategy, content, and test-taking skills with an emphasis on logic including incorrect answer choice analysis, while learning how the test makers construct the exams.

Our individualized approach ensures student progress with its emphasis on strategy, content, and test-taking skills.

How we prepare our students
Ivy League Graduate Tutors administers new students a diagnostic exam written by the test maker, which we grade and analyze with the student. We learn each student’s strengths and weaknesses objectively and subjectively. Ivy League Graduate Tutors creates and matches students with ideal tutors for learning style and needs. Tutors’ integral success involves use of practice exams to track student progression. Students with established diagnostic scores have customized study plans and exam progress tracking.

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