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Customized Enrichment

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Customized Enrichment

Specialty Services Overview

Ivy League Graduate Tutors provides educational services in the form of customized curriculum development and enrichment services for both gifted students and students with learning differences.


Our development of a customized curriculum begins with a range of educational assessments that evaluate a student’s educational level. The data provided by these assessments is crucial to our development of customized educational plans and assessments that best suit the needs of our students. Regular evaluations enable us to optimally monitor, gauge, and predict student results.

Gifted Students

For gifted students, we provide enrichment through accelerated curricula and study programs in academic subjects. Our enrichment programs are tailored to the individual needs, interests, and strengths of each student. We support gifted students as they strive for perfection, with scores of 35-36 and 1530-1580 on the ACT and SAT exams respectively. Likewise, our gifted students are able to achieve the best results in advanced academic subjects. We continue to assist families of gifted students with the transition to at-home learning as we have prior to the pandemic, with weekly educational instruction and educational services.

Learning Differences

Ivy League Graduate Tutors offers learning services and educational skills development for students with learning differences including cognitive, processing, and executive functioning disorders as well as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, students with Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and other learning differences. Ivy League Graduate Tutors also provides services for students with special education needs, individualized educational plans (IEPs), and 504s.

We Understand the Difficulties of Learning Differences
Ivy League Graduate Tutors understands that learning differences often interfere with basic and higher level skills in both children and adult students. Learning differences may affect a student’s ability to understand subjects of any field or complexity. We understand that students with learning differences may also struggle with organization, processing, attention, memory, and academics. This is where Ivy League Graduate Tutors provides a crucial role in tailoring your student’s educational curriculum to his/her learning style and needs!

How We Support Students With Learning Differences
We develop individualized study plans that effectively support the academic and test prep studies of students with learning differences. We strive to meet the student’s needs and work in conjunction with their teachers, guidance counselors, and parents to ensure success in academic and social environments. Ivy League Graduate Tutors works with IEPs and all testing accommodations that students receive on school exams (including time and a half, double time and modifications) and national standardized tests while simulating timed testing conditions when appropriate as well. We offer academic support, homework help, study skills and organization, and test preparation assistance for students with learning differences.

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