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Online and Remote Services

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Online and Remote Services

About Online and Remote Services

Prior to the advent of remote or asynchronous learning, Ivy League Graduate Tutors has offered all academic subject and test preparation tutoring services by remote learning platforms. We utilize remote learning technologies including Zoom, GoogleDocs, FaceTime, WhatsApp, WeChat, whiteboard, and screen-sharing technology. We ensure that students working remotely remain engaged, attentive, and on task also provide subject specific notes in real time and upon session compression for student reference and continued use.

Academic Tutoring

Ivy League Graduate Tutors offers all academic tutoring services via remote sessions in addition to in-person sessions at locations where tutors are available.

Admissions Consulting

Ivy League Graduate Tutors has traditionally offered admissions consulting services via remote sessions, even before the pandemic.

Other Services

In addition to academic tutoring and admissions consulting, Ivy League Graduate Tutors offers all of its other services in a remote format.

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